There is no age limit to start Yoga and meditation.
Hatha yoga postures and pranayama adapt according to age; Meditation can be practiced by anyone, at any age.
Like all activities that you want to learn and master, it requires some effort and above all good attendance. Regularity is essential.
Unlike all other disciplines, yoga and meditation are not world-oriented.

“outside”, but inwards.
It is a question of entering into close contact with your body, of knowing it from the inside through the sensations it gives us by practicing the postures (asanas), of making it more flexible, and of allowing the energy to circulate freely there by undoing the blockages.
Then, pranayama, by mastering the respiratory process, makes it possible to benefit from greater energy, to channel it and to use it.

All of these processes help to improve or, in some cases, restore health.

Concentration and meditation will increase attention to a very high degree and allow us to better understand the subtle workings of our mind. We become better human beings, more balanced, with greater clarity of mind and a better knowledge of ourselves and the world. We know what is beneficial for ourselves and for our fellow human beings and, likewise, we avoid what is harmful for ourselves and for others.

Yoga and meditation are practices that have beneficial effects in our lives, and happy are those who have been able to meet these disciplines and practice them seriously. They will receive much more than they expected.

One can, of course, practice meditation independently of hatha yoga or practice them together, which amplifies their respective effects.



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